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April 4, 2017
 Strawberries Soon and Row covers… 
May 11, 2017

New website to start the 2017 season

Honeybee moving in for a snack on a cherry blossom yesterday, Croton Road farm

Friday, April 28, 2017

Hello Farm Friends!

Welcome to the new website…it is far from complete but winter somehow became spring and now I need it working again, so here it is.  Improvements and finishing touches expected at an undisclosed time in the future…(is that vague enough???!)   This new and improved version should make it much easier for me to update the list of what is available even when I’m crazy busy in the field, and we’ll be able to add recipes etc more frequently because with the new format the kids can help with updates, they don’t all need to be handled from my old cantankerous computer.

The latest in farm news is just what you’ve seen if you’ve driven by..I’m super busy planting and getting ready for the new season.  I planted a new peach field in the neighbor’s front field next door to the Croton Road farm, put in new rows of apples so that there is no shortage of Winesap, Snowsweet, Mutsu Crispin, Empire, and Macoun as quickly, planted a bunch of new pears, put in thousands of new strawberry plants to have extras of your favorites, added a new row of raspberries at the Pittstown Road farm and several more at the Croton Road farm, planted more grapes, 3 kinds of peas, fava beans, two kinds of potatoes, six kinds of onions, broccoli, and many, many seedlings.  

The strawberries are starting to flower- my guess is those will start picking around May 20-25th,  and Memorial Day weekend will likely be the opening weekend for pick your own (no promises! I’ll update as we get closer!!).  Asparagus is on the stand now, and I’ll continue to pick as long as I can.  

Hope you all are well and able to be outside to enjoy this fabulous weather!

Best regards, 


ps. For your viewing pleasure, two of our middle kids planting strawberries on the high tech “Mechanical Transplanter.”  Totally beats using a shovel, as we did our first several years farming! (click the img links below, I know there is a way to make them pretty and show the videos, but I don’t know how yet and its gorgeous outside and I have cabbages to plant!)



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