Wednesday, June 6 open!
June 7, 2017
Pick your own PEAS too!
June 16, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017 PEAK season for strawberries!

Good Morning!

Just a quick post to let you know, with this heat we are officially into peak season!  The strawberries are gorgeous and abundant, and picking is easy, plenty for everyone.  The fields have dried up nicely after the rain, and after every fourth row there is a wide walking row, suitable for picking next to a stroller or wheel chair.

A few other notes: pair of glasses found yesterday- they are at the stand.  

Our ducklings and chicks will be outside the Pittstown Road stand to see.  They are five days old now, and already getting in feathers!  Sorry kids, and don’t worry, parents, these are not for sale.  These are for looking, not touching, since they are so young and delicate.  If you have any good name ideas, please let my kids know.  The black duck is named Shadow.  She is the only one with a name so far.  

Farm etiquette:

Thank you for not eating in the field.  There is no admission fee that would offset the expense of the extra berry loss while you pick.  A sample berry is ok, save meal size consumption for after you buy your berries.  

Please keep your children near you, for their safety and to reduce damage to our plants. Teach them to choose ripe fruit for their baskets.  As much as we want our kids to love picking fruit at a farm, some kids could pick all day, and some kids don’t have the patience to pick alongside you until you get as much fruit as you’d like.  Please pack a book or small toy that will entertain them as they sit near you in the field while you pick if they tire of picking.  Running up and down the rows is NOT a good alternate activity, as the plants sustain considerable damage this way.

Thank you!

See you at the farm!! It’ll be hot- pack your water and sunscreen!

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