Thursday, June 22… Strawberry picking is still going strong! Peas are SWEET!
June 22, 2017
Mom’s Zucchini Cheddar Cheese Soup
July 6, 2017

Cherry Season!

July 1

Hello!! Strawberries and peas are done, getting ready for the next fruits of the season! Currently both sour and sweet cherries from the test plot of fifty trees behind our home are being harvested. These are not open for pick your own,  the experiment was a success and now I have planted cherry trees for upick, probably ready to harvest in 2019, on both farms. 

I’m busy renovating the strawberries-first mowing then rototilling so that just a small strip of berries remain- these will be the mother plants for next year’s harvest. The peas will be tilled under as well, and will be planted into hills of baking pumpkins for autumn- some of the tastiest pie pumpkins available- although they may look a bit different from traditional ones. 

The peach crop is looking nice! Can’t wait to try those…the season starts in mid July, and should have them in abundance by late July.  

Please note the best peaches for canning and freezing (freestone) are generally after August 1st.  

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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