Tips for your pick-your own visit to the farm:  

All containers provided

Cash only, or check made to cash.

One of many pair of sunglasses found in the field…happily, this pair was reunited with it’s owner. Each year we end up with a huge assortment of toddler toys, glasses, hats, and even some cell phones. Please leave belongings in your car to avoid loss- many items are not found until they’ve been mowed with the strawberry plants in July.

Children welcome, keep them close

No pets due to food safety laws (not much shade for parking- best to leave them home)

A porta-potty is available for customer use

No smoking due to lots of straw in use and plus the farm fresh air smells so much better without it!

Tip: grasp apple and gently roll upward, keeping your other hand beneath it to catch the “twin” apple beside it, which will often fall when the first is picked. Our apples have plenty of easy to reach fruit for pickers of all ages.

This is not a “tourist” farm, just a place to pick delicious produce. There are no rides or mazes or picnicking. I’d be happy to recommend local parks for picnics, and local restaurants if you are hungry.

Prices are fair, pay before you eat.


Cherries! Sorry, this one is a teaser…cherries are planted and will be ready for pick your own in 2018 or 2019. But there will be some already picked on the stand in late June/early July 2017.

This is an actual working farm.  Please wear appropriate footwear for being in a farm field.  I do my best to keep things tidy where you’ll be picking, but it is a real farm, complete with rocks and dirt and bugs and sometimes mud and sometimes holes made by critters.  Please watch your step. 

Tip: raspberries are easiest to find if you crouch down and look up underneath the branches. The ripe ones slide off the plant into your fingers with little resistance.

Field is closed during thunder/lightning, absolutely no exceptions, due to it being a flat field surrounded by metal fence.  Sprinkling with no thunder is fine.  Pouring or ongoing rain, the farm will close.  Check our weather at the bottom of each page on this site.

Tip: The classic maneuver…they’ll eat it if they pick it! Peas are a sweet treat veggie for kids of all ages.

And my last tidbits are all those things I shouldn’t have to say… 

Don’t climb trees or fences,

don’t throw the fruit,

no profanity (we are a FAMILY farm!),

don’t step on the plants or bend trees,

don’t forget to clean your room (oh wait, that’s just for our kids…)


Look for berries that are ALL red, even down to the tip. These will be the sweetest because they stop ripening when you pick them. This pic is one of our newer varieties, Rutgers Scarlet. Yum!

Pick blackberries completely dark for full flavor. The berries with a reddish tint are SO SOUR!