Fresh at the Stands Now

Fresh at the Stands Now

  • Thursday, June 22

On the stands by noon, catching up on chores today…

Sour cherries (golden pink blushed sweet cherries will be ripe in the next couple of days!), rhubarb, zucchini, Garlic Scapes at both stands.  Strawberries till they run out, we are not picking in huge numbers for the stands now because 1, we are spending time trying to get the cherries before the birds do, 2, I had some laundry to do, and 3, we want to leave plenty for you devoted strawberry fans who come out to pick.  Thanks for understanding! 

Pick your own STRAWBERRIES and PEAS is OPEN DAILY! Snow peas, sugar snap peas, pod peas… yum!  Picking in strawberries is still good- probably a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the easiness scale…  There are some kinds just ripening now for the first time, and the varieties that ripened earlier have rogue later bloomers that are ripening.  

Open 9-7, 662 Pittstown road, Frenchtown. We are coming to the end of the season, but there are still nice big berries out there! 

Thursday, June 22... Strawberry picking is still going strong! Peas are SWEET!

Thursday, June 22… Strawberry picking is still going strong! Peas are SWEET!

Ok, so here is the quick update so that I can get back outside and pick… There are still plenty of strawberries to pick, come on out!  Peas are outrageously delicious and abundant.  Strawberries, the later varieties are your best bet for size.  Lots are still green, look them over carefully for full ripeness before you pick.  The earlier ripening varieties have ripe, smaller berries here and there.  Technique tip: move the leaves aside, then lift remaining leaves.  There are usually some nice berries tucked into the straw.  I’ll try to get a pic of someone’s berries coming out of the field today to post on Facebook, but they really are surprisingly nice.  We’re in the final leg of the season.  If you haven’t gotten your fill, come sooner than later for best picking.  

In other farm news, the sour cherries are on the stands, and the sweet cherries are NEARLY ready.  The kids and I have been snacking on them, but they are not fully sweet yet.  My guess is sometime this weekend we’ll start picking them for the stands.  No U-pick on cherries this year, but we have them planted at both farms for future years.  

The fruit trees are looking good- peaches will start mid July.  We’ve lost a few trees to the wind we’ve had lately and are working hard to add support to them before we lose more, which is making for some 10pm dinnertimes for us.  Apples will start in early August.  At last count we were somewhere around 70 varieties.

Veggies are coming along.  Potatoes are a nice healthy green and starting to flower, and the onions look picture perfect.  The early tomatoes (an older Jersey variety, Moreton) look fantastic and have green tomatoes approaching tennis ball size on them. I don’t think the broccoli will produce before the heat catches up and makes the plant bolt.  Maybe we’ll try broccoli again in the fall.  Eggplant is getting to be a decent size- maybe later July on that, same with peppers.  The garlic is starting to bulb up.  We’ll harvest that in mid July.  

Early raspberries and blackberries at the Pittstown Road farm didn’t work out well for this year.  That late freeze killed the early blossoms on the blackberries, and they are just starting to take on the first hint of color on the berries, so they won’t be ready in time to pick with strawberry season.  The raspberry crop is light this year because the plants are young, so we will pick them as available for the stands, not offering pick your own on those this year at Pittstown Road.  The Croton road raspberries and blackberries look phenomenal, and will start mid July for pick your own, stay tuned for dates.  

Ok, I think thats about all for now…as they say, all the news that’s fit to print!  Time to get out and pick!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Pick your own PEAS too!

Pick your own PEAS too!

June 16, 9am

Good Morning! It is another beautiful, cool morning, perfect for picking delicious fresh produce for the weekend!  


Our PEAS are finally ready!  They are later this year due to the wet spring- we couldn’t get the tractor into the field to make the rows and get them planted as early as we usually do.  But their tender sweetness makes up for the wait!  Snap peas, Snow peas, and pod peas, across from the strawberry field (on the other side of the Galleta strawberries), and the rows are labelled.   Yum!  It’s amazing how sweet they are, fresh off the vine- so different from the supermarket offerings.  

The strawberries are still bearing heavily, and are filled with super sweet fruit.  Earliglows are at the small berry stage at this point, but lots of bigger berries in the other varieties.  It is easy picking throughout the field now, but the season is fleeting- get them while the last! 

We are cutting the last of the garlic scapes today… Garlic scape pesto freezes well, and makes for a nice treat when tossed with pasta or served over cream cheese with crackers.

It’ll be a great weekend to pick- bring dad and the kids and enjoy an old fashioned family pastime!

Hope to see you soon!


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