Fresh at the Stands Now

Fresh at the Stands Now

December 26, 2017 CLOSED till it warms up again

Too cold the next week or so…we will reopen when it is warm enough to have the apples out without freezing.  If you need your apples before then, email me and we’ll try to arrange a garage pickup, half bushels only, please.  

Apples Available Now: 

Pink Lady- Intense sweet and tart burst of flavor, great for baking and eating fresh and sauce.  Excellent for cutting for dip trays, because the naturally high vitamin C levels help keep them looking fresh when sliced.

Mutsu- Juicy and crunchy, sweet with tart and milder than a pink lady

Cameo- sweet and tart, juicy and crunchy…a nice substitute for gala if you are missing those.

1137 Croton Road stand is OPEN with select-your-own apples from the gator daily, apples are now in bins on the back of the gator with bags available for you to self-serve choose your own, both in $5 and peck ($15) size.  Email or Facebook message us if you’d like a half bushel packed for you, $25.  Pittstown road stand has now closed for the season

note: stands are self serve, please bring change

July 23 Peaches!

July 23 Peaches!

Hello!  We’ve entered peach season!!  Peaches will be on the stands most days from now till the end of summer.  

New potatoes, peppers, and onions have started, and garlic will be up in the next week- it is curing now.  We’ll put up nectarines off and on as the trees ripen.  Tomatoes are close- very close.  We’ll have the old fashioned Jersey favorite, “Moreton,” on the stand probably in the next week or so, as well as yellow cherry tomatoes.  Many more varieties to follow…

Pick your own raspberries and blackberries is now open at the Croton Road farm.  

A few blackberries- these are the ones Kayleen used in her peach-blackberry tart

Pint baskets and instructions are available at the stand- this is self serve.  

Notes from around the farm: The strawberries for next year have started to run- this is great!  The obscenely heavy rain in the last week has been washing away soil between the rows, so we are anxious to have them fill in.  The pie pumpkins and winter squash have germinated and are growing well with this rain.  The cantaloupe are looking good- U keep checking to see if they are ready.  Eggplant look like they can be picked soon too- the summer bounty has arrived!


Cherry Season!

Cherry Season!

July 1

Hello!! Strawberries and peas are done, getting ready for the next fruits of the season! Currently both sour and sweet cherries from the test plot of fifty trees behind our home are being harvested. These are not open for pick your own,  the experiment was a success and now I have planted cherry trees for upick, probably ready to harvest in 2019, on both farms.  (more…)

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